New PC / Server setup
Now that you have acquired that new pc we will come to your residence or business, set it up and bring in up to par with the latest security fixes and software. Initial basic training will also be provided.

On site or remote
We come to you or once you are a client we can securely trouble shoot your issues. If remote diagnostic is nut cutting it we are still minutes away.
Linux Solution
Why linux you may ask. Because it is stable, secure, powerful and provides immediate savings over proprietary software.
File Sharing / Storage
Collaborative work is easier with a single point of storage. A Samba server or Network Attached device is ideal in most cases. File encryption and user based authentication also provided. Contact us

Linux LTSP

With LTSP you will have one server install and the recycling of your existing hardware to be used as Terminal Server clients. This provide one platform for changes and updates simplifying administration and backup.

A LAMP Server provide web services with database integration. This server can also configured to server as a mail, Calendar and any other customized solution. Contact us for more details.

Not everyone of every business is able to get the latest and greatest
Then why not go refurbished. From our experience unless working on very high end algorithms most PC or servers are idle for the more common tasks. So why go higher end when a lower cost solution will do.
Ubuntu Desktop

Rather then spend hundred more why not Ubuntu desktop. I provides in a single install all needed software for a day to day productive environment.

Affordable solution based pricing starting at $49.00 for individuals

Our recommendation procedure is mainly based on saving you money without affecting performance.

PC / Server Setup Installation / Upgrade
Web Development On site PC tune up
Networking Training
File Sharing / Backup A Service GUARANTEE


Our Business process analysis team will schedule interview session with your staff and report on how automation could be beneficial to you.

Missing Online presence. We will do all the work to get you there. We will provide the training needed and be on stand by for reliable support contract.